Extended connection time API introduction

From time to time, SIMs require updates to internal data, such as the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) roaming partner list, and SIM profiles. The management functions required to download the updates onto the SIM are performed using SMS and (occasionally) data sessions.

A number of devices, such as handsets, dongles, and LTE routers, can remain connected to the cellular network long enough to allow an initiating SMS and any subsequent SIM management data transfers to complete. However, battery powered devices, such as temperature sensors and asset location systems, connect very briefly to a cellular network in order to conserve power. These types of devices may not remain connected long enough to initiate a data transfer using SMS, so the SIM management cannot complete.

Polling the Extended connection time API allows devices with brief connection times to work with the management platform to deliver updates, by enabling an extended connection time when it is required.

The device modem must remain powered for up to 180 seconds if the API indicates that an over-the-air (OTA) data transfer is required.

You can only use the Extended connection time API for SIMs that are already linked to your SIAM account.

To request a pricing quote for the Extended connection time API:

  1. Select Request pricing quote (below) to display a pre-formatted email that you can use to initiate Extended connection time API services. Edit the email to suit your requirements.

    Request pricing quote

  2. Alternatively, send your own email to Sales Admin (salesadmin@eseye.com):

    Subject: Request a pricing quote for Extended connection time API

    Body text must include the following information:

    • Company Name
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  3. An Account Manager will respond.

Accessing the API

Use the following URL to access the latest version of the Extended connection time API:


    where <iccid> is the current device ICCID.

    Determine the ICCID using AT+CCID.

    Using http and an IP address reduces the data overhead and minimises the connection time. It will not affect the data or SIM security.