Location API introduction

The Location API returns detailed SIM location information, such as latitude, longitude, and cell mast information. You can also use it to fetch a compressed Keyhole Markup Language (KMZ) file for use with Google Earth. You can only view information for SIMs that are already linked to your SIAM account.

Eseye makes data available for two months. You must store any historic data you want to retain.

Before you begin

You will need:

  • A Infinity Classic account, with all your SIM cards linked to this account.
  • Your Infinity Classic account portfolioID. Contact Eseye Support for more information: support@eseye.com.
  • A static IP address that Eseye will add to the Allowlist to access the Location API.
  • Contact your Account Manager to set up Location API.

Accessing the API

Use the following URL to access the latest version of the Tigrillo API:

  • https://location.eseye.com/index/<method>

    where <method> is the method used, for example locatedevice.