Margay API introduction

The Margay API provides high level insight into device connection across different network operators, so that you can observe patterns, problems and anomalies with your network performance. For example, the Margay API can show if all the devices on a particular network have stopped sending or receiving information, or reveal server issues if there is a spike in authentications.

The Margay API provides authentication count and throughput information about your devices over a set period of time. The information is fetched from Eseye Ltd servers.

To request a pricing quote for the Margay API:

  1. Select Request pricing quote (below) to display a pre-formatted email that you can use to initiate Margay API services. Edit the email to suit your requirements.

    Request pricing quote

  2. Alternatively, send your own email to Sales Admin (

    Subject: Request a pricing quote for Margay API

    Body text must include the following information:

    • Company Name
    • Your role
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact email address
  3. An Account Manager will respond.

Accessing the API

Use the following URL to access the latest version of the Margay API:


    where <method> is the method used, for example getAuthenticationInformation.