Push API introduction

The Push API streams live raw SIM network data from various data sources to a customer's web-based endpoint, so that customers can monitor and administer their SIM estate network usage.

Eseye makes data available in real-time with a slight delay, and does not supply historic data. You must store any data you want to retain.

The PUSH API returns network information for all SIMs that are linked to your Infinity Classic account.

The information returned does not include information from SIMs assigned to child accounts. For example, if a customer reseller account (with their own SIM customers) requests data, it will not include information for SIMs that belong to their customer accounts.

Data stream services

You can subscribe to one or more of the following network data stream services:

  • NetFlow Raw Push – aggregates a wide variety of IP network traffic data per customer SIM, including:

    • Traffic source and destination IP addresses and port numbers
    • The number of bytes and IP packets observed in the traffic flow

    Network administrators can analyse the data to understand the traffic flow and volume across their SIM estate network, which may inform business decisions. For example, a business may need to purchase new hardware in areas of high usage to ease traffic flow congestion, or retire a thing that is never used.

  • RADIUS Authentication – controls a user's network resource access. Network administrators can use the data to track network and device usage, and analyse networking issues.

  • RADIUS Accounting – accurately measures a RADIUS network user's start and stop times and traffic usage. This information is used for billing purposes and general network monitoring..

Each subscription to a data steam service is independent and therefore can be assigned a different customer endpoint (URL).

To request a subscription to a data stream service:

  1. Select Request Push API (below) to display a pre-formatted email that you can use to request one or more Push API services:

    • Ensure your Account Manager email address is included in the recipients.

    • Edit the email to suit your requirements.

    Request Push API

  2. Alternatively, send your own email to Support (support@eseye.com) and your Account Manager, which must include the following information:

    Subject: Subscribe to Push API

    Body text:

    • Infinity Classic account name or Portfolio ID (if known).
    • Which of the following data stream services you require, including the full destination URL or static IP address to receive data from the Push API, and the port number:
      • RADIUS Accounting; destination URL; Port number
      • RADIUS Authentication; destination URL; Port number
      • Netflow; destination URL; Port number

      You can use the same destination URL (or static IP address) and port number for all services. Eseye will add the destination URLs to the Allowlist.

    • A web-based endpoint (such as an HTTP receiver) to receive push notifications via HTTPs.
    • List the following account information:
      • Your customer Portfolio Name
      • Portfolio ID
      • Account Manager name
      • State if you are wanting to trial the Push API for either 30 or 60 days as a proof of concept.
    • Include the following statement:

      I understand that I will be charged for these services.

  3. Eseye will supply you with an IP address that you must add to your Allowlist in order to receive the push notifications.

To make any subsequent changes, for example to enable or disable a data stream, please email Support.