Cancelling undelivered SMS messages

Cancels a sent or queued message when the following conditions are met:

  • The authenticated user has access rights to send an SMS
  • If an optional IP address Allowlist exists, the source device is listed on it
  • The SIM is not barred from receiving SMS messages

    Enabling or disabling SMS Messages is linked to the SIM package, which is outside the scope of the SMS API.

If the message is already delivered, the API cannot cancel it.


  • SMS API credentials

Request application/x-www-form-urlencoded


POST parameters Description Required?


The Eseye-assigned SMS API username
password The Eseye-assigned SMS API password
message_id A user-generated unique message identifier for tracking responses. The value must match the message_id of the message you want to cancel.


The following example uses the POST parameters described in the above table.

HTTP POST request

Example POST parameters for this request:

  • usernameUserName
  • passwordUserPassword
  • message_id2554f63f1e5d6ac862fa2b6883edb5b1

Response application/xml


Parameters Description

The status is either:

blocked – Message blocked by rule

sent – Message queued on network

error – An error occurred. For more information, see Troubleshooting errors: SMS API.

queued – Not delivered yet, message awaiting routing

delivered – Successful delivery

message_id The returned message identifier, for tracking responses.




<description>Message delivered</description>