SMS API introduction

The SMS API enables you to send and receive text and short messages to and from SMS-capable devices over internet and cellular networks. The SMS API ensures the message is compatible for network delivery. It also notifies the sender about the message status, so that you can track if the message was delivered or not.

You can send the following requests to the SMS API:

  • MT SMS – sends a mobile terminated (MT) SMS messages to an IoT device.

    You send SMS messages to both AnyNet SIMs and third party SIMs. However, SMS messages sent to and received from third party SIMs will incur extra costs. For information about SMS API billing, see Understanding SMS charges on the CSV invoice.

  • Cancel SMS – cancels a previously send MT SMS message.

  • Status update – requests the delivery status of an SMS message.

You can receive the following messages from the SMS API:

  • MO SMS – the AnyNet Messaging Service intercepts and routes mobile originated (MO) SMS messages (sent to a specific API MSISDN) to the customer's SMS application.
  • Delivery receipts – returned to the customer's SMS application or alternatively to a different application.

To request a pricing quote for the SMS API:

  1. Select Request pricing quote (below) to display a pre-formatted email that you can use to initiate SMS API services. Edit the email to suit your requirements.

    Request pricing quote

  2. Alternatively, send your own email to Sales Admin (

    Subject: Request a pricing quote for Push API

    Body text must include the following information:

    • Company Name
    • Your role
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact email address
  3. An Account Manager will respond.

Eseye does not supply historic data. You must store any data you want to retain.

Sending requests to the SMS API

Send SMS API requests to the following URL:


    where <request> is the SMS API request.