POST /Japi/Tigrillo/activateSIMs

Activates single or multiple SIMs. Eseye SIMs are available, ready to become active. Before you make one or more SIMs active, you must have a signed Service Contract form agreeing to the associated costs. You must associate the SIMs with a package, using the tariffID.

Use activateSIMs to reprovision terminated SIMs. You must agree to contract terms before the SIM is reprovisioned.

We recommend that you only activate up to 300 SIM cards per POST, as internet latency issues may introduce errors.


  • User required to login


For information about headers, see Configuring headers.

Request Body application/json


Use null without quotes as the input if you do not wish to use these objects. The value will remain as previously set. If you want to change the object value to a new value, replace null with "<value>" within quotes, where <value> is the required value. To remove an existing value, type an empty string. For example: "friendlyName" : "" ,

JSON key Description Required?

Activate one or more SIMs. You can assign the friendly name and IMEI per ICCID, as well as tariffID, group name and Device ID at activation.

If null is entered as input for all parameters, all SIM records are returned, in ascending order of ICCID.

ICCID The ICCID of the SIM you want to activate.


A unique user-friendly name, to help identify the SIM. Change this value in the SIAM portal. Friendly names contain up to 255 characters and should not include commas.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity number that identifies the device to which the SIM is currently connected.


The SIM tariff (returns PackageID). The tariff is usually four numerical digits in length, for example: 2356. The default is null.


The SIM group name. Set the group names for SIM collections when you activate them using POST /Japi/Tigrillo/activateSIMs, or through the SIAM portal. The default is null.

device The device type, for example Hera 604.  


Body raw JSON
{ "sims" : [ {
  "ICCID" : "8944538523012555999" ,
  "friendlyName" : null ,  
  "IMEI" : null
  "ICCID" : "8944538523013333111" ,
  "friendlyName" : null ,  
  "IMEI" : null
} ] ,
 "tariffID" : null ,
 "group" : null ,
 "device" : null

Responses application/json


JSON key Description

The array, containing details about the request status.


"OK" – the request processed successfully

"ERR" – the request failed


"" – the request processed successfully

"<ErrorCodeNumber>" – the request failed because of this specific error.

For more information, see Troubleshooting errors: Tigrillo API.


"" – the request processed successfully

"<ErrorCodeMessage>" – displays an explanation of the error if the request failed.

For more information, see Troubleshooting errors: Tigrillo API.

simStatuses The simStatuses title, which includes the ICCID.
ICCID The unique Integrated Circuit Card Identifier for the activated SIM.

Returns any of the following:

  • "AUTO" – the SIM card is scheduled for activation and should appear on the network within five minutes
  • "OK" – the request was sent to the Eseye provisioning team
  • "Sim is pending activation" – a previous activation request exists. If you want to reset the SIM to test the activation process again, contact Support.
  • "PAY" – payment is required before you can activate the SIM. To pay the outstanding amount, you must have Finance permission:

    1. Log into Infinity Classic.
    2. Using the top menu, select Finance > Transactions.

      A list of transactions is displayed.

    3. At the bottom right, select Make Credit Card Payment.

      The Finance overview is displayed, detailing Amount due.

    4. Select Make Ad-hoc Payment by Credit Card.

    For information about account type permissions, see Responses application/json .

price Displays only if the status is "PAY". Indicates the outstanding amount owed to Eseye.
ccy Displays only if the status is "PAY". Indicates the currency of the outstanding amount, as specified on the account contract.


    "status": {
        "status": "OK",
        "errorCode": "",
        "errorMessage": ""
    "simStatuses": {
        "8944538523013333111": "SIM is pending activation",