Understanding bundled usage

You can prepay monthly for SIM usage bundles, which will give you a better price for data or SMS usage than pay-as-you-go. Bundles are included in a SIM's monthly service charge. For example, a SIM may have a 250MB data bundle, where it can use up to 250MB of data a month before incurring further charges.

Any usage amount in excess of the bundle is known as the overage.

Voice is no longer offered, as it is not required for M2M communication. Voice is included in the billing topics for legacy reasons.

On the CSV invoice, the following columns show the SIM usage:

  • Quantity – bundle overage

  • Amount – the overage cost
  • BundleQuantity – total bundle allowance
  • InBundleQuantity – usage amount within the bundle allowance

Late billed usage from a network operator will cause a bundle adjustment for the previous month. This is billed in arrears.