Viewing an invoice

Eseye invoices are sent via email. If you have not received an invoice, ensure your Billing Contact Details are correct in Infinity Classic.

For more information, see Editing your Infinity Classic contact details.

To view an invoice:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic:
  2. Select Finance > Transactions.

    Account transactions are listed in chronological order, with the most recent transaction first.

  3. Expand the number of results returned to 100 per page.

  4. In the Type column, locate the relevant Invoice.
  5. Alongside the Invoice, in the Actions column, select any of the following icons to view the file:

    Download the invoice for viewing in your default PDF application.
    Open the invoice in your browser window for printing without downloading it.
    Download a detailed CSV file, containing a cost breakdown.
    Download an XML invoice.
    Immediately email the invoice to yourself as an attached PDF.

For examples of the PDF and CSV invoices, see PDF Invoice Example.pdf or CSV Invoice Example.pdf.