Understanding Service Contracts and packages

About Service Contracts

Service Contracts describe the agreed commercial contract between Eseye and the customer, including:

  • Where the SIMs will be deployed
  • Services available – SMS and data

    Voice is no longer offered, as it is not required for M2M communication. Voice is included in the billing topics for legacy reasons.

  • SIM purchase price
  • SIM activation charge
  • Billing and rating
  • Bundles
  • Billing currency – Eseye does not support mixed currency billing within a portfolio account

    If you need multiple currency billing, you must set up a new portfolio account and a new Service Contract per currency. After a portfolio account is set up, you cannot change its currency.

  • Contract length – describes the minimum contract term

    When the contract length lapses, SIMs are not automatically terminated, and service will continue on a rolling monthly contract. An active SIM will continue to accrue charges.

  • Customer notes

For information about setting up one or more Service Contracts on your Eseye SIM estate, speak to your Account Manager. Eseye will set up a package for you.

About packages

A package contains the information required for Eseye to supply, provision and operate SIMs for a customer. It defines commercial data (such as the tariff and billing terms), the available SIM services (such as data, voice, SMS), and the technical provisioning data that is used to activate and operate SIMs.

About package items

Your invoice details various package items and the price of consuming those services in a particular country.

SIM usage is charged monthly in arrears for both monthly and annual service charge intervals.

Package items may include:

Mobile Network Operator (MNO) billing

If MNOs send out their invoices after the Eseye billing date, then these charges are deferred to your next monthly invoice.