Understanding SMS charges on the CSV invoice

Eseye may apply SMS charges for:

  • Cellular network usage
  • SMS API usage (subscription only)

The amount charged depends on your SIM contract and (if relevant) SMS API contract.

The following diagram displays the different transmission routes that can be charged.

The following table describes the transmission routes and typical charges.

Your specific charges will depend on your service contract.

Transmission route Description Charges typically applied to


SMS originating from an AnyNet SIM and delivered to the AnyNet Messaging Service.

Originating SIM

MT SMS SMS delivered to an AnyNet SIM from the AnyNet Messaging Service. Destination SIM
SMS MO API SMS delivered to a customer SMS application. Customer SMS API
SMS MT API SMS originating from customer SMS applications. Customer SMS API

SMS messages delivered to a third party SIM.

Originating SIM or Customer SMS API

N/A SMS messages from third party SIMs to AnyNet SIMs or customer SMS applications.

SMS messages sent from 3rd party SIMs to other 3rd party SIMs are blocked and therefore not charged.

Destination SIM or Customer SMS API

SMS message charges on the SIM contract

Depending on your SIM contract, charges may apply for AnyNet SIM cellular network usage, which includes SMS messages and delivery receipts.

The SIM contract may have an agreed number of in-bundle SMS messages. You are not charged extra for these unless you use more than the agreed amount. For information about bundles, see Understanding bundled usage.

On the CSV invoice, the SMS charges for the SIM contract are shown against the relevant SIM number.

SMS message charges on the SMS API contract

If you subscribe to the SMS API service, the usage charges are agreed in the SMS API contract.

Your SMS API contract terms may differ from those on your SIM contract.

SMS API charges include:

  • Incoming internet use of the AnyNet Messaging Service from the customer server.
  • Sending or receiving SMS messages between the AnyNet Messaging Service and third party SIMs.

On the CSV invoice, the SMS API contract charges are totalled per package according to transmission type.