SIM termination fees

You can terminate a SIM at any time. If you terminate a SIM that has a monthly or annual service charge, the following charges apply:

  • If a SIM is still in contract, you are liable for the service charge to the end of that contract. You will receive a separate termination invoice with the remaining service charges in one lump sum, unless you have made a prior alternative arrangement with Accounts.

  • If a SIM is no longer in contract, you may terminate it without incurring further service charges. The deactivated SIM may appear on the next bill to allow for any usage within the last month, prior to termination. SMS, data and voice overages are billed in arrears.

Service charges are non-refundable. You will not receive a refund for unused service if you terminate a SIM part way through the billing period.

Termination is not instant – Eseye must first verify the termination.

Terminating a SIM is not the same as suspending a SIM. A suspended SIM will continue connecting to the network, and service charges will continue. However, you cannot use the SIM card in its suspended state. A terminated SIM cannot connect to the network.

For information about Eseye's standard terms and conditions, see Standard Terms and Conditions.

The following example is for a SIM termination on a monthly service charge contract: