Eseye connectivity overview

When you design and deploy your IoT devices, you need to consider how data moves from the device into your network, and what your deployment options are. The data movement depends on the connectivity across the various networks, from the data source to its destination.

If you use our AnyNet solution, the connectivity that enables data flow may occur over four different network systems:

A – Between the device, the mobile network, and the Eseye ingress Point of Presence (PoP).

B – Between Eseye PoPs, through Eseye’s high-speed MPLS network.

C – From the Eseye egress PoP over the internet to the customer’s network.

D – Within the customer network, where the incoming data is potentially stored and used for business purposes.

As each customer network is different, we can only describe the first three sections of the data journey.