Mobile Network Operators by PoP

The following table describes:

  • Eseye's partner MNOs. If the partner is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), the network that they use is described in brackets.

    For example: iBasis (KPN), where iBasis is the MVNO and KPN provides the infrastructure.

    Operators highlighted in blue are currently part of the AnyNet Federation.

  • The IMSI prefix (together describing the Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code) for that MNO.
  • The primary ingress PoP that Eseye uses for each operator
  • The secondary (failover) PoP.
Operator Name IMSI Prefix (MCC-MNC) Data Centre PoP (Primary) Data Centre PoP (Secondary)
Airtel Guernsey 23403 TeleHouseEast (London) Frankfurt
AT&T US 310410 Florida NewYork
BSNL India KR (Plintron) 40472 Mumbai Not permitted
BSNL India TN (Plintron) 40480 Mumbai Not permitted
China Telecom Global (CTG) 45431 HongKong Not permitted
Conecto US 310460 Florida NewYork
Digicel T&T 374130 Florida NewYork
EE (includes Orange and T-Mobile UK) 23433 / 23430 TeleHouseEast (London) Frankfurt
iBasis (KPN) 20408 Frankfurt TeleHouseNorth (London)
Manx 23458 GDC (Isle of Man) TeleHouseEast (London)
MTN UG (Uganda) 64110 Nairobi TeleHouseEast (London)
MTN ZA (South Africa) 65512 Nairobi TeleHouseEast (London)
O2 UK 23410 GDC (Isle of Man) TeleHouseEast (London)
Safaricom 63902 Nairobi TeleHouseEast (London)
Singtel 52501 Singapore HongKong
Surf Brazil (TIM) 72417 Florida NewYork
Telstra Australia 50501 Sydney HongKong
Telus Canada 302760 NewYork Florida
TelusDirect 500K Range 302760004100000 - 302760004599899 NewYork Florida
Three Ireland 27202 TeleHouseEast (London) Frankfurt
Verizon US 310005 CDMA / 311480 LTE Florida NewYork
Vodafone GDSP 90128 TeleHouseEast (London) Frankfurt
Vodafone NL 20404 GDC (Isle of Man) TeleHouseEast (London)