SIM management and monitoring

Monitoring connectivity is essential for all customer deployments, particularly for those where the connections may include intermittent or mobile operation. Having an early indication of under-performing networks or routing problems allows both the customer and Eseye to take steps before significant service impact occurs, or costs escalate.

The AnyNet Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) provides both automated and self-service tools to achieve optimum connectivity for all devices, as well as enabling efficient management of IoT estates.

The CMP enables:

  • Early identification of service issues
  • Finding the root cause of a common problem, such as a supplier, or failed network route
  • Reporting on performance according to service

For more information, see About the Connectivity Management Platform.

Eseye has built a suite of applications to store and present connection performance in different ways. Using APIs, customers can create their own preferred visualization tools or machine learning applications for insight into their device connectivity.