About network traffic analysis using PCAP Explorer


PCAP Explorer is a network traffic analysis tool that helps network administrators and security professionals monitor and analyse network activity, such as network congestion and data loss, as well as detect any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

You can request Eseye to continuously capture all network traffic data for the devices in a portfolio, which includes the full packet contents (packet header and payload). This data is recorded chronologically for 30 minute periods as separate real-time files. Depending on the network configuration and IoT device activity, PCAP Explorer may capture a significant amount of data during each period. PCAP Explorer then merges these files into a single file and compresses it to reduce the file size.

After the file is compressed, we send it to customers, who can decode it using a tool like Wireshark and use the information for a broad analysis of network traffic over time.

Eseye does not store the captured data.

Eseye also provides a Push API, which is designed to provide real-time data in a more lightweight and efficient manner by only transmitting the relevant data points specified by the API, rather than all of the raw data generated by a device. The Push API is a good choice for monitoring specific events or metrics in real-time. For more information, see Push API introduction.

To request a pricing quote for PCAP Explorer:

  1. Select Request pricing quote (below) to display a pre-formatted email that you can use to initiate the PCAP Explorer service. Edit the email to suit your requirements.

    Request pricing quote

  2. Alternatively, send your own email to Sales Admin (salesadmin@eseye.com):

    Subject: Request a pricing quote for PCAP Explorer

    Body text must include the following information:

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  3. An Account Manager will respond.