Start using the APIs

This section will help you to integrate Eseye APIs with your products.

Eseye has developed the following APIs. Select the links below to learn about configuring and troubleshooting each API:

  • Location API – to help you track your devices
  • Margay API – to observe patterns, problems and anomalies with authentication and data throughput statistics on your network
  • Push API – for live raw NetFlow and RADIUS Accounting data, for the purposes of monitoring and administering network usage
  • SMS API – to send and receive text and short messages to and from SMS-capable devices over internet and cellular networks
  • Tigrillo API – to help you manage your SIM estate
  • Tigrina API – to remotely monitor, access and reconfigure your Hera 604 routers


Depending on the API, we have the following methods of authentication:

  • API service account login, which is token-based authentication
  • User logins for Infinity Classic and Lynx, where the user must have a valid account before they can subscribe to the API
  • Listed on the IP Allowlist

Using Postman to test the APIs

The API examples are written for Postman.

Refer to the Postman documentation for more information.

Developer Guides

8313 Location API 1.0 Developer Guide (PDF)

8732 Margay API 1.0 Developer Guide (PDF)

8725 Push API Developer Guide (PDF)

8297 SMS API Developer Guide (PDF)

8281 Tigrillo API 1.0 Developer Guide (PDF)

8649 Tigrina API Developer Guide (PDF)

Try it out

In development for new APIs. Speak to your Account Manager about Beta versions.