Establishing a cellular connection on the LTE Cat.1-xx click

On the LTE Cat.1-xx click, bend the RTS pin outwards, or clip it off completely.

Ensure you bend the RTS pin, and not the RST pin.

Ensure you have connected the terminal antenna. The antenna connects to the MAIN Antenna connection point on the LTE Cat.1-xx click.

To power on and establish your cellular connection:

  1. Fully insert the micro SIM card into the LTE Cat.1-xx click.

    The socket is a push-to-insert, push-to-release type socket. When the SIM is properly inserted, it clicks into place and sits flush with the edge of the SIM slot.

  2. Combine the LTE Cat.1-xx click and the Click USB adapter.

  3. Attach a standard USB A to USB mini B cable from your computer to the Click USB adapter.

    The LTE Cat.1-xx click powers on. The PWR (Power) LED light illuminates on the USB adapter, and three LED lights illuminate on the LTE Cat.1-xx click.

    The LTE Cat.1-xx click connects to a cellular network using the Cinterion® ELS61 Wireless Module, and is now ready to receive security and identity information from AWS.