GSMA Generic eUICC test profile

The GSMA test profile is only supported on Eseye's v7 AnyNet+ SIMs. For more information, contact Eseye support.

The GSMA Generic eUICC Test Profile was developed by the GSMA to fulfil the requirements of industry standardised testing defined by the GCF and PTCRB certification bodies, as well as to support devices with non-removable UICCs. It contains the necessary authentication and security data required to perform testing using a test network (system simulator), during production line sampling or during sales demonstrations where there is no need for operator-specific profiles.

The GSMA Generic eUICC Test Profile should be preloaded on SIMs, and is distinct from both the bootstrap (provisioning) profiles and operational (step 2) profiles.

To request a SIM that supports the Generic eUICC Test Profile, contact your Eseye Account Manager.

USIM authentication parameters

The following table lists the authentication parameter values for v4.0 of the GSMA Generic eUICC Test Profile.

Authentication parameter Value


Ki 0x00 0x01 0x02 … 0x0E 0x0F
Opc N/A
algorithmOptions 0x02 (128 bits)
rotationConstants Default
xoringConstants Default
numberOfKeccak N/A
sqnOptions 0x02 (SQN wrap around)
sqnDelta 000010000000
sqnAgeLimit 000010000000
SQN initial values 0x000000000000 (all records)

For a full list of authentication parameters, download the TS.48 eSIM GTP Profile Structure spreadsheets from:

To switch to and from the Generic eUICC Test Profile using AT commands

Before switching to the test profile, we recommend setting the modem to full functionality mode (AT+CFUN=1).

The following AT command (for generic SIM access) is used to trigger the device to switch to and from the GSMA Generic eUICC Test Profile:



  • <Length> – is the number of hexadecimal characters contained in the command string.
  • <Command> – is a string of hexadecimal characters that specify the action to take, including the following:
    • 80C2000003E40102 – switches to the Generic eUICC Test Profile.
    • 80C2000003E40103 – switches back from the Generic eUICC Test Profile.


To switch to the generic test profile, use the following AT command:


To switch back to the previous SIM profile, use the following AT command: