Remote SIM Provisioning overview

Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) is the secure over-the-air (OTA) management of network profiles on eUICC-enabled devices. It is based on existing ETSI-defined SIM functionality and the GlobalPlatform security domain concepts used in smartcards. RSP uses secure communications between servers and devices to download, enable, disable, and delete network profiles on eUICC devices.

RSP uses two key server elements:

The SM-DP and SM-SR may be implemented separately or in a single platform. Integrations to third party systems, via the Connectivity Management Platform, enable different operators and providers to work together. For example, a new operator can take over network provision or provide profiles in their SM-DP that can be downloaded to devices using another provider’s SM-SR. For IoT devices, the SM-DP and SM-SR initiate all management operations on the eUICC.

Subscription Manager – Data Preparation (SM-DP)

The SM-DP server securely stores operator profiles that are ready to be downloaded and installed on AnyNet+ eUICC SIMs. Operators have their own SM-DP servers which can send profiles directly to SM-SRs which push them to eUICC-enabled devices.

The SM-DP communicates to devices via the SM-SR which provides the secure channel on which it sends encrypted data.

Subscription Manager – Secure Routing (SM-SR)

The SM-SR is responsible for the secure transport of platform and profile data, including downloading, enabling, disabling and deleting profiles. It communicates with eUICC SIMs using SMS messages or HTTPS data sessions.

Each SM-SR is responsible for the management of a group of deployed eUICCs, which connect to a single SM-SR.