About antennas


Eseye is experienced in optimising antennas for the following:

  • Application performance requirements
  • Physical installation
  • Local and global regulatory and legislative requirements and restrictions

Depending on customer requirements, we may source an off-the-shelf antenna design, or use a specialist design partner to print or fabricate an antenna for mounting within the device enclosure. We can supply a wide selection of suitable antennas for IoT devices. We buy most specialist antennas off-the-shelf.

Antenna considerations

You can use alternate antennas to Eseye-sourced antennas as long as they do not provide a higher EIRP power than the system produces when running the reference antenna. This usually means that the device is certified with the highest gain antennas it can support, however, the FCC is starting to constrain this practice. Most manufactures will provide power measurement and diagrams showing the performance and efficiency pattern around the antenna.

Assessing antennas

Eseye works with third party test labs to provide independent assessment of radiation patterns and reports needed for antenna approvals in countries worldwide.