Installing the Hera 604

The Hera is designed for wall-mounting.

Choosing a location

Read all warnings before choosing a location for the Hera.

Locate the Hera in a weather-protected, stable, vibration-free environment.

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
  • Relative humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing

Consider cellular signal strength, WiFi strength and signal interference from other equipment when choosing an installation location.

Consider if you need to easily see and access any antenna connectors, cable connection points, and LED indicators on the top, front, and bottom panels.

Wall-mounting the Hera

Before you begin

You will need:

  • To install the security plate – Security Torx screwdriver (T10 tip)
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Cross head Pozidriv/Philips screwdriver
  • Drill –

    Metric Ø 5mm

    Imperial Ø ³⁄₁₆"

  • 4 x Plastic wall plugs/anchors –

    Metric Ø 5mm, L30mm

    Imperial Ø ³⁄₁₆", L1¼"

  • 4 x pan head wood screws –

    Metric Ø 3.5mm, L30mm

    Imperial Ø #6, L1¼"

  1. If a SIM card is supplied, ensure it is fully inserted in the Hera.

    The socket is a push-to-insert, push-to-release type socket. When the SIM is properly inserted, it clicks into place and sits flush with the edge of the SIM slot.

  2. If required, fit the SIM security plate (see below).
  3. Print the following drill template:

  4. Measure the template to ensure it is accurate, as the printing process may distort it.
  5. If the template is accurate, fix the page to the wall using the spirit level and tape.

    Alternatively, use the Hera to mark the drill holes.

  6. Drill holes and prepare them with the wall plugs/anchors.
  7. Attach the cellular cables (Primary and RX Div) and if required, WiFi antennas, to the Hera.
  8. Mount the Hera on the wall using the recommended fixings.
  9. Position all antennas for optimal performance.

  10. Insert the power connector.
  11. Plug the mains adaptor into a dedicated socket, then switch on.
  12. Ensure all cables and antennas are securely anchored to avoid intermittent connection problems.
  13. Configure the Hera using the supplied web user interface.

    For information about connecting to the Hera, see Configuring Hera connections.

Disposal: In accordance with EU directive 2012/19/EC, ensure that at end-of-life, you separate this product and its accessories from other waste and scrap, and deliver to the WEEE collection system in your country for recycling.