Using the Hera series router web interface

The Hera series router welcome page is divided into two sections:

  1. Lists different menus for configuring the Hera:

    • System status – for read-only information detailing the router settings, LAN, mobile network, and connected devices.

    • Setup wizards – to help you configure cellular and Ethernet connections, and the Health Monitor to maintain these connections.

    • Basic Settings – to configure router, LAN, wireless network, mobile network, Ethernet WAN, routing and security settings.

    • Advanced Settings – for lower-level configuration access to the router.

    • Hosted Applications – to enable and configure supplied applications for connecting to the cloud, Serial to IP, Modbus to MQTT, or configuring and managing your own applications.

    • Diagnostics & Maintenance – for configuring the Health Monitor, creating backups and uploading software, configuring the Network Time Protocol (NTP), changing the password, resetting or restarting the router, and data logging.

  2. Lists real-time information regarding the specific Hera you’re administering, including the current cellular connectivity status.