Viewing the System Status

You can view the current system status settings for the Hera. These properties are read-only.


Describes general router information.

You can edit some basic router settings here:

Basic Settings > Router > Name and location

Property Description
Model The Hera Router series.
Serial number Unique identifier for the current Hera.
Software version The current software release version installed.
Hostname Assigned network hostname.
Firmware version The currently installed firmware release version.
Kernel version The currently installed kernel version.
Local time The current time, local to the Hera.
Last restart Date and time stamp of the last boot up session
Uptime Duration of the current Hera session.
Load average Router performance trends over the past minute, five minutes, and fifteen minutes.
GPS The current GPS location, if GPS is enabled.
Site name A user-defined setting to describe which Hera you are remotely logged into.
Site location A user-defined setting to describe where the current Hera exists.
Notes A user-defined setting containing any notes about the current Hera. For example, the file name of the factory configuration file stored in subversion.

Local area network (LAN)

Describes the current network settings. You can edit the LAN settings here:

Basic Settings > Local Area Network (LAN)

Property Description
LAN IP address The assigned Local Area Network IPv4 address.
Net mask The IPv4 subnet mask.
Address assignment

How the address was assigned:

  • STATIC – manual configuration
  • DHCP – automatic configuration from a DHCP server on the LAN

Mobile network

Describes the current cellular network connection. You can edit Mobile Network settings here:

Basic Settings > Mobile Network

Property Description
Mobile connection

Either Enabled or Disabled.


The International Mobile Equipment Identity number that identifies the device to which the SIM is currently connected.

Active SIM Which SIM is currently in use. The Hera can have up to three SIMs installed.
IMSI of active SIM

The unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity number that identifies a cellular network subscriber. The network operator that provided the IMSI uses it to authenticate a SIM (and the IoT device containing the SIM) on the network.

ICCID of active SIM The unique Integrated Circuit Card Identifier for the current SIM.
Mobile network provider The network operator of the network where the current SIM is subscribed.
Mobile network IP address The Hera's current network IPv4 address.
Mobile network signal Mouse over the signal strength indicator to see the current strength in decibels. Signal strength ranges from approximately -30 dBm (very strong) to -110 dBm (very weak).
APN The Access Point Name used by the Hera.

Connected devices

Lists any devices that are connected via TCP/IP to the Hera by the following attributes:

Property Description
IP address The assigned IPv4 address for the connected device.
MAC address The connection Media Access Control address.
Device The internal device name through which the connection is provided.