About the Eseye Network Tester

Eseye's Network Tester is for testing the mobile network coverage and characteristics of different Cat-M1 and NBIoT networks in a region.

Network Tester components


  • Quectel module
  • Nordic nRF9160 DK
  • Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S-NEKTAR EVK

Elements required for remote access

  • Hera 604v5 – model depends on deployment location
  • Raspberry Pi Model B

Remote SIM

  • 3x Osmocom SIMtrace 2 units
  • 2x 4FF PCB adapter cables
  • 1x 3FF PCB adapter cable


  • 1x Female-male USB type A cable
  • 3x Male USB Type A to Male Micro-USB cable
  • 1x IEC lead – plug type depends on deployment location
  • 1x 7-port USB hub
  • 1x Hera 604 power cable
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x 16GB SD Card


  • 1x ECL30UD03-S power supply

How to use the Network Tester

To set up the Network Tester:

  1. Remove all packaging material from the outside of the Network Tester.
  2. Open the lid of the Network Tester by lifting the flap on the front of the box and twisting it clockwise.
  3. Ensure all six USB cables are connected to the USB hub, and are switched on.
  4. Ensure all three SIM ribbon cables are fully inserted at both ends.
  5. Insert the IEC cable into the back of the Network Tester, then power it on.

    The LEDs on each of the modems and Osmocom SIM trace tools should illuminate. If they do not, check the USB connections on each board.

  6. Ensure the Hera 604 router WAN LED is illuminated green.

    This indicates that there is a valid data connection for Eseye to remote into the Network Tester.

  7. Contact Eseye to let them know the Network Tester is set up and ready for testing.

    We will send you a report when testing is complete.