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Start here to understand how IoT and Eseye's products and services work together to enable your IoT devices.

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IoT Hardware

Describes Eseye's IoT hardware solutions including the Hera router, AnyNet+ SIMs and third-party IoT modem integrations.

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The AnyNet-managed connectivity solution provides global coverage for a wide range of IoT devices. Security is built in by design, with a number of options available at different levels to provide the control and flexibility that you need to align with your existing IT policies.

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Cloud services deliver scalable, affordable, and flexible access to applications and resources, without requiring businesses to have the supporting internal infrastructure or hardware.

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The AnyNet managed connectivity solution provides tools for you to monitor and manage your IoT devices at an individual level and as an estate.

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Describes the available API resources, including information about authentication, header values, status codes, and examples needed to start using these tools.

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What's New

24 January 2023

8827 AnyNet SMARTconnect™ Datasheet

Learn more about the AnyNet SMARTconnect™ suite of software tools that establish, secure and maintain an IoT device's cellular and cloud connections.

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About AnyNet SMARTconnect™

New topic.

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Understanding the SIM lifecycle

New table and diagrams added to describe the SIM lifecycle.

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8823 Hera 600v5 Series Router Datasheet

Part number and ESN included for Hera 600v5 Series Router.

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16 Dec 2022

8663 AnyNet Security Options Order Form

Updated. Use the below link to learn about our security options, and access the form (under Resources at the bottom of the page).

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