Creating a dedicated IAM user account for AnyNet IRIS

Do not use the AWS account root to set up the required IAM permissions. For more information, see AWS account root user.

For detailed information about why you need a dedicated IAM user account, see About the required AWS IAM user for AnyNet IRIS.

To create an IAM user account:

  1. Ensure you have signed in to AWS Management Console.
  2. Navigate to IAM Services using the following URL:

  3. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Users.

    Any previously created IAM users are listed in the right-hand pane.

  4. Select Add User.
  5. Type the user name for the new user.

    This is the sign-in name for AWS, for example: anynetuser.

  6. In the Select AWS access type section, select the Access key – Programmatic access check box only.

  7. Select Next: Permissions.

    We will add permissions later.

  8. Select Next: Tags.

    Add any required tags according to your operational policies.

  9. Select Next: Review to review your choices.
  10. Select Create user to create the IAM user.

    The Access key ID and Secret access key are displayed. AnyNet IRIS will use these security credentials to perform necessary requests against your AWS account.

    You can view and download the Secret access key once only. If you forget the Secret access key, you will need to regenerate it on your AWS user account. For more information, see: AWS security credentials - programmatic access.

  11. Click Download.csv to store the keys locally on your computer.
  12. Select Close.