Managing user accounts

This section describes how to create new user accounts and sub accounts that can access Eseye tools to manage the SIM estate. You require user accounts to access Eseye's SIM Information And Management (Infinity Classic) portal and developer APIs.

User accounts

User accounts restrict access to Eseye tools and APIs.

User roles in Infinity Classic

Infinity Classic users are categorised into the following user roles: 

  • Admin users can access all menus including the admin menu, which enables creating and managing users, creating and sending referral codes, managing and using sub accounts.

    All Infinity Classic accounts have at least one Admin user, which has permissions to add additional users and sub accounts.

  • Finance users can access and edit the Finance, Ordering and Support menus. Finance users also receive an emailed copy of all invoices.
  • Logistics users can access and edit the Ordering menu, and can view (but not edit) the Activity, Settings and SIMs menus.
  • Engineering users can access the Activity, Settings, SIMs and Support menus.

Each role has access to different areas of the Infinity Classic portal, as defined in the following table.

Infinity Classic page Admin Finance Logistics Engineering

SIMs menu (SIM List, Bulk Activate, Bulk Termination, SIM Audit Log)

Full access


View only

Full access

SIMs menu (Activate)

Full access     Full access

SIM List Actions (Bulk Action > Change Settings, SIM Control Panel)

Full access     Full access

SIM List Actions (SIM Summary, SIM Settings, Network Settings, Contract Settings, Billing, Messaging, Radius, NetFlow, Audit)

Full access   View only Full access
Settings menu (SIM Packages, Alert Profiles, Device Models, Reporting Profile, Messaging API, Audit Log) Full access   View only Full access
Settings menu (Bulk Update and Bulk Activate) Full access     Full access
Activity menu (Notifications, Alerts, Reports, Messaging API) Full access   View only Full access
Admin menu (Users, Referral Codes, Sub Accounts, Admin Audit Log) Full access      
Finance menu (Overview, Details, Transactions, Audit Log) Full access Full access    
Ordering menu (Shop, Cart, Order History, Delivery Address) Full access Full access Full access  
Support menu Full access Full access Full access Full access
Account menu (Account Details, Notifications / Account Settings, Account Reports, Account Audit Log) Full access      

To change the user roles in Infinity Classic:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic then go to: Admin > Users.

  2. Use the check boxes to select the user roles for each user.
  3. Select Save changes.

Creating user accounts

To create a new Infinity Classic account:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic then go to: Admin > Users.
  2. Select Add user.
  3. Complete the fields on the User Details dialog.

    Fields with an asterix are mandatory.

  4. Select one or more credential check boxes: Admin, Finance, Logistics, or Engineering.
  5. Select Save.

    The User Details saves and closes. An automatic email is sent to the new user with the following details:

    • From:
    • Subject: Your account on
    • Body: Contains an account verification link.

Sub accounts

Sub accounts are created by Infinity Classic users with one or more customers who wish to use Infinity Classic's functionality. SIMs which are moved to a sub account will be separate from those in the parent account, and any other child accounts. Sub accounts can be used to give customers access to a group of SIMs, rather than the entire portfolio.

Account users can log in as sub account users and use the Infinity Classic portal as if they were the sub account user.

Creating sub accounts

Creating sub accounts involves sending referral codes to new users who can then gain access to Eseye's Infinity Classic portal. The new users will only have access to SIMs allocated to the sub account.

Once created, you can only edit or delete sub accounts by contacting Support.

To create sub accounts in Infinity Classic:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic.
  2. Create a referral code as follows:
    1. Select Admin > Referral Codes.
    2. Select Add Sub Account Referral Code, which displays the following dialog:

    3. Specify a unique referral code, at least six characters in length, to send to the user.

    4. Specify one of the following referral code types to send to the user:

      • Single Use – creates a code for a sub account that can only be used once.
      • Perpetual – creates a reusable code for sub accounts.
      • Tie – creates a new user on your account.
    5. Under Billing, select Sub Account.

    6. Select Create.
  3. Send the referral code to the sub account user as follows:
    1. On the Referral Codes pages page, select the message icon ().
    2. Specify one or more email addresses to add to the sub account. Use a comma-separated list for multiple addresses.
    3. Select Send Email.
  4. Wait for the user to validate the email.

To log in to a sub account:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic then go to: Admin > Sub Accounts.
  2. Select alongside the relevant sub account.
  3. Confirm that you want to log out of your current account.

    Infinity Classic logs in to the sub account, which has access to the SIMs, Settings, Activity, Admin and Support menus.

To validate a sub account after receiving a referral code:

  1. Check for an email from with the following subject line: Invitation to set up a SIM Management portal account.

  2. Open the email and select the link to validate your account.

    Infinity Classic displays the Sign up account page.

    Required fields are indicated by a red star [*]. Most fields are free text fields or dropdown menus, the only fields with text rules are:

    • Username – must be between 6 and 32 characters in length, and should contain only letters, digits, '-', '_', or be a valid email address.
    • Password – must be between 6 and 32 characters in length, and contain at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, and a numeric digit.
    • Phone number flag – select the flag icon to select the appropriate international code for your phone number.
  3. Complete the fields on the Sign up account page, then select Sign up.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication provides an additional layer of security by requiring two independent authentication factors. The first authentication factor is your user credentials. The second authentication factor requires a six-digit authentication code generated by a third-party authenticator application that runs on the user's mobile phone. The authentication codes expire after a short time, for example every 30 seconds.

We recommend using one of the following authentication applications:

In Infinity Classic, two factor authentication must be requested to be enabled for a portfolio. If enabled, all users assigned to that portfolio will require two factor authentication when they log in. The first time they log in after two factor authentication is enabled will trigger an email with instructions to use it.

To log in to Infinity Classic for the first time with two factor authentication:

  1. Navigate to the following URL:
  2. Enter you supplied username and password and select Sign In.

    After the first successful log in, Infinity Classic emails a QR code and two factor authentication instructions to the user's email address.

    All subsequent log in attempts will require the following additional step.

  3. Specify an authentication code and select Submit.

To resend the two factor authentication QR code in Infinity Classic:

  1. Log in to Infinity Classic as an Admin user.
  2. Display the Admin > User menu (shown below).

  3. Next to the user to which to resend the QR code, select the icon.

    Infinity Classic emails a QR code and two factor authentication instructions to the user's email address.