Ordering SIMs

The simplest way to order SIMs is via the Infinity Classic portal. This ensures that the SIMs you purchase are linked to your account which saves you entering your delivery and payment details.

To order SIMs in Infinity Classic:

  1. Using Infinity Classic, go to: Ordering > Shop.
  2. In the Qty column, type the number of SIMs you want to purchase.
  3. Select to add the items to your shopping cart.

  4. Select (top right) to view the shopping cart.

  5. If you want to adjust the amount, type the new amount in the Qty column, then select to refresh the amount.

  6. If you want to delete a purchase, select .

  7. Select Checkout.

    The Delivery Address page appears.

  8. If required, select Edit this address to update the details.

  9. Select Next Step.

    The Billing Address page appears.

  10. If required, select Edit this address to update the details.

  11. Select Next Step.

    The Options page appears.

  12. Select a mandatory Delivery Method.

  13. Type an Order Summary to help you identify the account.

  14. Type your Purchase Order number, which will appear on the invoice.

  15. Request a shipping date.

  16. If required, type Additional Notes.

  17. Select Next Step.

  18. Review your order, then select Place Order.

Next, you must pay for the SIMs. For more information, see Making a payment.