Upgrading the Quectel module firmware

From time to time, you may need to upgrade your Quectel module firmware.

Before you begin

You need:

  • A Windows computer (version 1909 or later), or up-to-date Linux system, with administrator access.
  • The Quectel module where you want to update the firmware.
  • The relevant cable with data transfer capability (such as a Micro USB cable) for connecting the Quectel module to the computer. Ensure the cable is connected to the device and the computer.

  • If required, a jumper wire to power up the Quectel module, for example if it is part of an LTE IoT 2 click.

  • Contact your Account Manager to receive a link to the Quectel module files. Please specify if you require Windows or Linux-based files.

Download and extract the following zip files using the supplied link, where <version> is the latest version:

  • For Windows users:
    • Quectel LTE&5G Windows USB Driver – Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V<version>.zip
    • QFlash for Windows – QFlash_V<version>_EN_Windows.zip
  • For Linux users:
    • Quectel Linux USB driver – Quectel_Linux_USB_Serial_Option_Driver_V<version>.zip
    • QFirehose for Linux – Quectel_LTE_5G_QFirehose_Linux_Android_V<version>.zip

    Up-to-date Linux systems support a USB connection to the Quectel module.

You must also download and extract the Quectel module firmware for your specific Quectel module model (the model number is located at the top of the chip) – for example, BG96...zip.

If you are not using AnyNet SMARTconnect™, you must request a firmware update for your module from Quectel Support. If you are using AnyNet SMARTconnect™, Eseye will supply you with the firmware file as part of AnyNet SMARTconnect™ installation. For more information, see Installing AnyNet SMARTconnect™ on the Quectel module.