The AnyNet Secure SIM enables you to simply, easily and securely connect your thing to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from anywhere in the world over cellular networks. This enables you to remotely extract data from your thing for a variety of industrial and commercial applications, such as metering, monitoring, transportation, security, and so on.

Eseye provides a single AnyNet Secure SIM with multi-IMSI capability, which enables worldwide wireless connectivity and ensures that your thing has near constant connectivity to a cellular network. Connecting to AWS provides a flexible and scalable cloud service solution for your internet of things enterprise.

Preparing your thing for the AnyNet Secure SIM

Your thing modem must support:

Before you begin

Connecting securely to AWS

AWS provisions the AnyNet Secure SIM over a cellular network. During provisioning, the AnyNet Secure service transfers the following identity and security information to your AnyNet Secure SIM:

  • The unique AWS thing name

  • The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that defines which AWS endpoint supports the thing
  • A set of X.509 certificates
  • An encrypted private key – AWS and the modem use key pairs for signing data

You must extract this information into the modem to enable the secure data connection from your device to the AWS IoT Core platform.

For information about monitoring provisioning progress, see Provisioning the AnyNet Secure SIM.

For information about which files to extract from the AnyNet Secure SIM, see Reading AnyNet Secure SIM files.

For information about how to extract the files, see AT+CRSM – read files from the SIM.