About AnyNet Secure SIM files

Read AnyNet Secure SIM files using AT+CRSM. For more information, see AT+CRSM – reading files from the SIM.

File format

All files follow the same basic format:



Variable Parameter Description
length 2-byte unsigned 16-bit integer package byte length, part of the file header
checksum 4-byte unsigned 32-bit integer, stored by most significant byte first package CRC-32 checksum, part of the file header
package Binary data The data field. Encryption keys and certificates may require some post-processing. For information about file location and post-processing requirements, see Available files and sizes.

Available files and sizes

Eseye delivers the following files to your AnyNet Secure SIM. File Max Size indicates the maximum amount of data available. The file header describes the length of the actual data.

Usable Bytes refers to the number of bytes available after the header is accounted for. For more information, see Reading the file header.

File Name File ID (decimal) File ID (hexadecimal) File Max Size (bytes) Usable bytes
Thing Name 28640 6FE0 256 250
Root CA 28641 6FE1 2048 2042
Public signed certificate 28642 6FE2 2048 2042
Private key 28643 6FE3

2048 (not encrypted)

4096 (encrypted)




MQTT Endpoint 28644 6FE4 256 250

The default path ID for the available files is: "3F007FEE". For more information, see AT+CRSM – reading files from the SIM.

For information about the basic data read process for each of the listed files, see Basic data read process.