ETMINFO – displays AnyNet SMARTconnect™ and device information

Displays information about the current AnyNet SMARTconnect™ application and device.

Type Syntax Response


+ETMINFO: ("busy","ci","iccid","imei","imsi","location","mcc","mnc","mqttpubmsg",









AT+ETMINFO= " <id> "

where <id> is either:

  • busy – checks if AnyNet SMARTconnect™ is carrying out background operations
  • ci – the unique cell identity
  • iccid – the SIM unique identifier
  • imei –the device unique identifier
  • imsi – the cellular network user unique identifier
  • location – the device latitude and longitude
  • mcc – the mobile country code
  • mnc – the mobile network code
  • mqttpubmsg – returns the number of stored MQTT messages
  • rssi – the received signal strength indicator
  • service – shows whether the modem is registered to a network
  • statusflags – fetches the status flags
  • version – the current version of Eseye software on the selected modem

+ETMINFO: <value>[,<value2>]



where value is the requested value, such as the SIM ICCID, and value2 is the response for mqttpubmsg only.

For busy, returns a hexadecimal value:

  • 0000AnyNet SMARTconnect™ is not currently busy (publishing, processing cloud jobs and so on). It is safe to power down.
  • Non-0000AnyNet SMARTconnect™ is busy communicating with the cloud or carrying out background operations. Do not power down using the pwrkey.

For mqttpubmsg, returns the message in non-volatile and volatile memory, in the following format:

  • <#non-volatile_msg>,<#volatile_msg>


    #non-volatile_msg – number of messages in the non-volatile queue waiting to be published

    #volatile_msg – number of messages in the volatile queue waiting to be published

For service, returns the registration status in decimal format:

  • 0 – not registered
  • 1 – registered

For statusflags, returns which status flags are set (in hexadecimal format):

  • [0000] – no flag set
  • [0001] – MQTT RX flag
  • [0002] – MQTT RXov flag
  • [0004] – MQTT TXov flag
  • [0008] – Update success flag
  • [0010] - MQTT TX Refused flag
  • [0020] - MQTT TX Internal error flag
  • [0040] - MQTT TX OK flag
  • [0080] - Update fail flag
  • [0100] - Reboot required flag

If more than one flag is set, the codes are added together. For example, [000A] – both the MQTT RXov [0002] and UPDATE SUCCESS [0008] flags are set.

For information about the status flags, see Status Flags.


+ETM ERROR: <errormessage> – returned for an AT command-specific error


ERRORreturned when a command is invalid, for example a parameter is missing or incorrect

If location returns unknown, ensure you have enabled location. For more information, see ETMCFG – read and write configuration file values. Alternatively, check that the modem can acquire a satellite lock. To do this, ensure you have a GPS antenna connected to the device, with good visibility of the sky.