Connecting to the LwM2M server

AnyNet SMARTconnect™ uses the essential AnyNet files to connect to the LwM2M bootstrap server. For more information, see Creating the essential AnyNet files.

AnyNet SMARTconnect™ then obtains the certificates and data required to connect to the LwM2M server from the LwM2M bootstrap server. There are two modes for the connection:

  • Secure – CoAP messages are encrypted using a DTLS connection.
  • Non-secure – CoAP messages are exchanged unencrypted via UDP.

About LwM2M certificates

After the bootstrap procedure completes, for secure mode, AnyNet SMARTconnect™ saves the following files in the datatx folder:

  • lwm2m_server_public_key – the x509 server certificate
  • lwm2m_public_key – the LwM2M public certificate
  • lwm2m_secret_key – the LwM2M public private key
  • lwm2m_url – the LwM2M server URL, in this format: coap(s)://<url>:<port>

    where coaps indicates secure mode, and coap indicates non-secure mode.

    If coaps is used but one or more lwm2m files is missing from the datatx folder, then non-secure mode is used.

    For non-secure mode, only the anynet_thingname_store file and lwm2m_url file are required.

LwM2M files require the same 6 byte header as the essential AnyNet files.